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Tease Tea

Smart heated mug with charger- Tease

Smart heated mug with charger- Tease

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Never drink lukewarm tea or coffee again.

We levelled up our Smart Heated Mug Kit 2.0 for busy people who have high (temperature) standards and good taste while combining multi-functional, innovative design. When the heating coaster is not in use you can charge your wireless devices.

Each kit comes complete with:

✔️ Perfect sized mug with electromagnetic sensors (12oz)

✔️ Smart Heated mug warmer and coaster that works with the mug sensors to optimize temperature

✔️Innovative coaster doubles a wireless charger for iPhone, android, air buds etc

✔️Smart Heated Coaster features zero-gravity safety sensor (it will only heat the included mug)

✔️ Gift worthy packaging

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